Ben Prew's homepage


You may or may not have found the Ben Prew you are looking for. Perhaps a little information about myself might confirm or deny your suspicions:

  • I am years old
  • Graduated from Georgefox University in 2001 with a CS degree
  • My Resume
  • Some open source projects on github and Sourceforge
  • Photos

Now, if you're reasonably sure you've found the right Ben Prew, you're probably wondering what I've been doing since the last time you got in touch with me. I would recommend reading my blog, though it's mostly focused on technical topics.

If you are looking for information before I graduated from college, I have a little bit of history you can look at. It's fairly out of date at this point, but I try to update it from time to time.


Lately I've been on a little bit of a web kick, so most of my recent projects have a spiffy website for them:

  • Teamvite - Sports team mgmt for the masses
  • Pony - The express way to send mail from Ruby
  • Nagios Checks - Various nagios check scripts
  • Gamestats - The easiest game log parsing software out there

All the software I wrote in college is currently a sourceforge repository (Thanks Sourceforge).

Note: Another Benjamin Prew made clocks in the 1700s.